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F A C E  M A S K

Naturally Self-Sterilizing & Antimicrobial



Copper Ion Infused into the Fiber to develop Fabric
(not spray on fabric surface or coating)

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Antimicrobial Protection & Effectiveness

Nanometer copper ions are firmly embedded in molecular structure of fiber, making each yarn (formed by many fibers) to weave the fabric in order to achieve strong and lasting antimicrobial effectiveness (killing bacteria, germs, fungi, viruses upon contact), anti-odour, anti-static, skin-friendly, remains comfortable and fresh even for outdoor, long-hours wear or with makeup on.

Unlike other type of masks with limited-times of wash/reuse which are normally spray on fabric surface or coating.

Washable & Reusable for Unlimited Times
while retaining antimicrobial protection

Copper Ion Infused
Water Repellent • Block Particles
Moisture-Absorbent • Breathable

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Copper Ion Infused
Copper is naturally self-sterilizing and antimicrobial, perfect to reduce risk of contracting, spreading and cross-contamination of bacteria, germs and viruses.

Water Repellent • Block Particles
Prevents respiratory infections which may spread through droplets, airborne particles and aerosols from infected individuals through coughing, sneezing and speaking.

Moisture-Absorbent • Skin-Friendly •  Breathable
Suitable for all day use and all weather conditions. Reduce moisture and heat trapping beneath the mask which lead to discomfort and refusal to wear/ remove occasionally.

Copper ion fabric reduces and destroys the odour-producing bacteria. You will feel the different compared to wearing a surgical mask which is moist-trap, heat-trap, less breathable and often develops bad odours.

Test & Certification on Copper Component & 99.9% Antimicrobial Reduction


Test & Certification
The fabric has been independently tested and certified by independent third-party lab on copper component and achieved up to 99.9% antimicrobial reduction.

Suitable to wear for extended hours & during exercise, so you can now enjoy your entire day & workout stink-free + more-breathable!

Mask Acne & Skin Allergies


Surgical & 3-Ply Mask
Polypropylene is the common used materials. Some of the surgical-type and 3-ply masks sold in the public are non-sterilize. They are non-washable and non-reusable. Users wear the ready-made disposable mask immediately after unboxing. Breathing, talking, coughing or sneezing while wearing the mask cause moist, dirt, oil and sweat which will trap in the pores, and promote growth of bacteria. It will continue to seep into the skin and turn into acne and skin allergies. Long hours and continuous wearing the problematic type of mask will prolong the allergies and cause continuous acne-breakouts.

ANVEERUS Copper Mask
Premium stretchable fabric with water-repellent, block particles, moisture absorbent and copper ion infused, suitable for all day use and weather conditions. Breathable, anti-odour and skin-friendly copper ion infused fabric is effective to reduce/ prevent acne and skin allergies caused by mask-wearing.

Mask Fitting

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Surgical & 3-Ply Mask
Leaves wide gap and opening at the side exposing air flowing-in freely (increase risks of infection). Non-adjustable ear loop strap and without stopper bead, difficult to fit all sizes of face.

ANVEERUS Copper Mask
Stretchable fabric allows to pull the mask closer to the ears, leaves minimum gap and opening at the side to reduce and prevent air flowing-in freely (reduce risks of infection). Elastic ear loop strap and stopper beads allow easy adjustment to fit all sizes of face.

Designed with centre-stitch-line which bends according to nose bridge for comfortable and snug fit, replacing metal or plastic nose clip to avoid any pressure on nose for extended mask-wearing.

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