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Latest Press Releases

🗞️ New PNAS research, Exhaled aerosol increases with COVID-19 infection, age and obesity

🗞️ New Peer-Reviewed Research Shows Effectiveness of FEND, A Drug-Free Airway Hygiene System, In Reducing Up to 99% Of Respiratory Droplets

🗞️ New Nasal Hygiene Product That Reduces the Spread of Airborne Particles Named To TIME's List of The 100 Best Inventions of 2020

🗞️ Sensory Cloud Launches Fend, A Calcium-Fortified Hygiene Proven To Reduce Airborne Respiratory Droplets Not Captured By Surgical Masks

🗞️ New Research Shows Effectiveness Of Calcium Rich Nasal Salts Administered Through The FEND Platform In Cleaning Airborne Particles from Airways

🗞️ New COVID-19 Hygiene Measure To Be Available This Fall

🗞️ New Paper Documents Effectiveness Of Natural Physiological Salts As New Hygienic Intervention


🗞️ Airway Hygiene in Children and Adults for Lowering Respiratory Droplet Exposure in Clean and Dirty Air

🗞️ TIME's Best Inventions of 2020

🗞️ What to Know About the Airborne Transmission of Covid

🗞️ Scientists’ Advice for Ways to Ward off the Coronavirus

🗞️ Burlington, VT: Harvard Researcher Clears the Air on Spreading Coronavirus

🗞️ Harvard Biomedical Engineering Professor to Launch Nasal Spray

Published Papers

🗞️ Nasal Calcium-Rich Salts for Cleaning Airborne Particles from the Airways of Essential Workers, Students, and a Family in Quarantine

🗞️ ANew Natural Defense Against Airborne Pathogens

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